Krekenava Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

  • The only daughter shrine of the Roman Basilica of St Mary Major’s in Lithuania.
  • Contains a centuries-old miraculous painting of the Mother of God and Child.
  • Renowned in northern and central Aukštaitija for its beauty as a shrine and for its Indulgenced Feast of the Assumption.
  • The Catholic Church’s book of 20th-century martyrs includes 8 persons from Krekenava.

Dear Pilgrims,

I am happy to welcome you at the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krekenava.

It is the youngest Basilica in the country. Pope Benedict XVI honored our Marian shrine with the title of Basilica minor in 2011 because it houses the miraculous painting of Our Mother with the Child. The picture dates back to the 15th century and was brought to Krekenava by the missionary Albert from Krakow. Abundant votive offereings recall graces that many obtained when seeking Our Lady's intercession by this image. The motherly care, which Mary shows to those who come to pray at her feet, here in our Basilica, is being experienced and witnessed by many.

Please, find a moment to ask Our Lady The Font of Graces to grant her intercession and make a visit to her shrine in Krekenava.

Very Rev. Gediminas Jankūnas

Holy Mass in Basilica

Sundays and every 15th of each month 10:00, 12:00

Monday – Friday 18:00

Saturdays 12:00, 18:00